Monday, March 21, 2011

Clearing the jungle and putting up some privacy.

One of the outside projects that needed to happen was clearing of all the over grown bushes and trees that lined our property. Behind us is a church, and while they are good neighbors, we still needed to get a good 6' privacy fence around our yard. When we bought this house there was an iron rod fence around everything. That's good to keep somethings out, but we didn't want all the cars that went by, and the church goers, to see everything that we are doing back in our yard. Kids need to play without people staring at them, and I need to just sit and read a book back there without everyone wondering if I ever control those kids.

I realized as I started writing this that I don't have any pictures of what it looked like before, at least I can't find any. To the casual observer, it wasn't bad, but if you are trying to take out one fence and put in another it was a lot of junk back there! We cleared out enough trees and bushes to fill our trailer up four times! Good thing it's free to dump it.

Here is what it looked like after some cleaning up.

Now that it is all cleaned up it's time to pull out the old fence and put in the new.
Once Tyson got this fence out, we sold it on Craig's List! Love getting money for something we would have thrown away. And since someone bought it we didn't have to haul it anywhere. They came and loaded it up!

I know, it's a beautiful fence.

Tyson put up a 6' cedar fence where this one use to be. I thought I took some pictures of him and the kids working on it, but I can't find them anywhere. This picture is of our big dirt pile which will one day be our garden, and behind it you can see the fence. Of course the boys are on the dirt. Boys and dirt are like magnets.

It's so nice to have a real fence up! Now we can be in our backyard and no one can see all of our doings. And with all of our doings lately everyone looks as they drive by.

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